A multi-level barcode developed by Computer Identics Corp. in 1981, named for being symbolized 128 characters in full-ASCII.

In other barcodes, one character corresponds to a data which it expresses. In CODE-128, with selective use of start character, code set character,and shift character, one character can express three type of data in any position.

With its flexible functionality, it has adopted as UCC/EAN-128 Supplemental Code Symbol, which in full progress of its establishment as worldwide-common supplemental code for physical distribution.

In Japan, it is standardized in 1994, as JIS X 0503.


* Character Set
Start Character : START CODE A,B,C
Non-Data Character : FNC 1,2,3,4
Code-Set Character : CODE A,B,C SHIFT
Data Character : ASCII 128 characters
Stop Character :
* Code type Continuous
* Length of symbol variable
* Self Check Yes
* Checkdigit Needed (modulus 103)
* Character Density about 5.83 chars/cm

Character Composition

[Character Composition of CODE-128]

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