Industrial 2 of 5


Basic structure of 2 of 5

2 of 5 barcode is, pioneer in many types of barcode, a binary level barcode developed by Identicon Corp. and Computer Identics Corp. in 1970.

Basically it consists of 5 bars: 2 wide bars and 3 narrow bars. former 4 bars in 5 have weight and the sum of weight indicates the value.

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As the table above, except 0, the sum of weight comes the digit of character. Adding a parity bit for self check, the number of 1 (= wide bar) comes to 2.

This simple structure breeds many type of 2 of 5 barcodes

* Industrial 2 of 5

It has used so often for industry, but for its low ability that it expresses only numerics, and for its low density, the CODE-39 barcode took the place.

Conversely, its low density and its simple bar structure, is suitable for cardboard printing, so it is now often used for management of physical distribution.


* Character Set Numeric
* Code Type Discrete
* Length of symbol variable
* Self Check Yes
* Checkdigit optional
* Character Density low density (not decided)

Character Composition

[Character Composition of INDUSTRIAL 2of5]

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