How to use CD Calculator 1

  1. Choose a calculation type you want to know from the tab panel.

  2. I-beam pointer appears when the mouse is lowered a bit. Then click once and enter in alphanumeric.

  3. When finished enterning, please hit return key or click the CD button. Then CD will be calculated and shown in a small field on the right side, and entered characters and CD will be in the field below. Each time you modify the entry field and hit return, the result is added in the field below.

    * You can hide temporarily the window by choosing "Hide" from File menu in the menu bar; the window appears again when choosing "Show" from File or touching left side of the screen by mouse.


"Clear Input" button
- clear the input field.

"Clear List" button
- clear all the list shown in the field below.

"Clear All" button
- clear whole of three fields.

"Export" button
Export the list in the field below for printing.
Dialog will ask you a place to save and a file name. Please name it with '.txt' suffix and save it.


  1. In M43, a space checkdigit is replaced by an underline. Please be careful not to take it for a hyphen.
  2. To enter ISBN code, please cut out the checkdigit and enter 9 digits, without hyphen.


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We are not liable for any damage caused by the use of this program.
The person using the software bears all risk as to the quality and performance of the software.

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