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Three Variety of Delivery

Three ways of delivery can be chosen, for the convenience of postprocess of the customers.

ED: Electronic Delivery by the Net

We boast this solution of delivery!
We can send the data via Internet, directly into your Macintosh.

Ordinarily, after your offer we upload the data to our FTP server until 8PM on the same day, so you can fetch it at any time. If you're unusually in a hurry, we can upload the data within 1 hour, in our shortest limit of delivery.

You can layout the data with Adobe Illustrator on your Mac, so you don't need postprocesses any more, and you can save your labor!

DDD: Data Disk Delivery

Delivers the data for Illustrator, by a floppy disk. Like ED, you don't need any postprocesses. You can save your labor!

Shipped off by Takkyubin service like Film Masters (see below).

Film Master Delivery

Offers accepted before 5PM will be shipped off by Takkyubin on the same day. It delivers until the following day except some remote places.

If you're in a hurry, the Takkyubin Time Service (reaches until 10AM on the following day) is available. (available only in Japan)

Economical Price!

* Strong point of our filmmaster

  1. We manufacture any other symbols than we illustrated in this site, such as customer code for (Japanese) postal code, etc.
  2. Names and numbers can be inserted in Japanese/Western languages; so you don't need any letter manuscripts for photoengraving.

* Outline of the company

Our company is a small-scale company, but in the field of barcode film master, we have many achievements and the history, and trusted by more than 1,500 Customers in Japan.
Address : 12-7 Kitaohi-cho, Takatsuki-city, Osaka JAPAN
TEL +81-726-73-8988
FAX +81-726-76-1534
President : Noboru Harumoto
Established : Apr. 1, 1971
To a Legal Person : Apr. 3, 1987
Capitalized at : 10 Million Yen
Join to : Tokai-Hokuriku Sealing Printing Cooperative Society
Kyoto Seal Printing Industry Cooperative Society
Kyushu Seal Printing Cooperative Society
Osaka Prefectural Printing Industry Cooperative
Osaka DTP Industry Cooperative
Facilities : 4 Lines for Manufacturing film masters

FREE Download the standard magnification scale

You can get the standard magnification scale sheet from our FTP server. Download to your Macintosh, print it out with the Imagesetter, and you will get it! It is a magnification scale for JAN and ITF Symbols. Please try it for a test of our ED system.
œAccess from Macintosh
click here-----Test Data.sea.hqx

œAccess from Windows
click here-----Win test data.exe

Barcode Hayawakari

(A Quick Guide to a Barcode)


(Japanese only)

You only need this to understand all about barcode, without any preliminary knowledge of technical terms. It's an easy and friendly guide of barcode.

It is widely read among barcode-related device maker, software companies, students, etc. and bought by many universities and public libraries. AIM Japan also deals it.

** This home page is assembled with extraction from the book "Barcode Hayawakari" and some supplements. The book inserts many illustrations which is omitted in home page, so we strongly recommend you to subscribe it if you want to know more about barcode in detail.

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